Executive coaching services that deliver results

Throughout her corporate career, Dean’s passion for identifying root problems and helping people to recognize their personal and professional potential became apparent.

With over 20 years of global corporate experience, Dean Burgess has held executive roles for over 15 years, including long-standing positions at the C-Suite level.

Dean Burgess, Executive coaching services that deliver results

Tapping into her experience, intuition, and astute listening skills, Dean provides sustainable solutions to executives who experience the same stressors, fears, and concerns she once faced first-hand.

Dean’s approach to executive coaching is to match, to pace, then lead. In other words, she meets you where you are, stretches you to facilitate growth, and is there to witness you lead yourself towards your goals.

“I am a visionary, a systemic thinker and a straight shooter who calls out the blind spots, enabling my clients to work with what is, and bridge the gap to what is required. I ignite team spirit, inject humor, and embrace challenges to get to the heart of the matter.” – Dean Burgess

Coaching Expertise

As an executive coach, Dean supports her clients in all aspects of their leadership, including strategic thinking and planning, operational effectiveness, difficult conversations, performance optimization, leading in a complex and/or matrixed environments, 360 management (managing up, down and sideways) as well as global integration and alignment.

Dean is masterful at helping her clients optimize their contribution, and successes, by identifying, aligning and managing, key stakeholder relationships for enhanced delivery and organization value through:

Coaching - Developing your presence takes commitment and work.


Developing your presence takes commitment and work. It also takes heart, drive, and a great deal of self-awareness. If you are struggling with your executive presence, Dean Burgess can help to identify vulnerabilities in your brand and will work with you to develop the kind of presence you’ve always wanted.

Change Management - Resilience is crucial in the executive world

Change Management

Resilience is crucial in the executive world. However, for many of us, this skill doesn’t come naturally. Under the guidance of Dean, you will learn helpful coping tools and strategies that will not only prepare you for change but will teach you how to embrace it head-on.

Coaching - Inter-departmental and Cross-cultural communication


Inter-departmental and Cross-cultural communication is just one of the many barriers Dean comes across while working with professionals who are struggling with their impact. However, with awareness, the right tools, and a new perspective, many executives can learn how to improve and streamline communication in more effective ways. By becoming aware of their own style, and the needs of their audience, obstacles are removed, and results are more easily achieved.

Dean Burgess, Conflict Management coaching

Conflict Management

Are you butting heads with those around you? Are you struggling to stay cool when work becomes stressful? Then it’s time to dig deep and examine the root causes of your anger and frustrations. With Dean’s help, you’ll be able to bring your fears and struggles to the surface, dealing with them in a constructive, healthy way.

Coaching - Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Become the leader you’ve always wanted to be. Have a goal in mind? Dean will help you to outline the steps you’ll need to take to get there! Dean will also become your point-person, checking in to ensure you’re staying on task.


I deeply valued [Dean’s] real-life experience and wisdom that was always quietly present in the background as it made me feel like she could relate…There are many great coaches in the world, but feeling truly understood while being coached, is a gift.

Managing Director- Banff Centre of Arts and Creativity

I had the pleasure of working with Dean as my executive coach for the past year. I wanted to share that Dean was absolutely the right choice for me in that she found ways to support and challenge me throughout the process. Dean’s style is well suited to this coaching role in that she shares her vast experience while specifically focusing on the needs and issues of the customer. Her input was insightful and helped prepare me for the strategic aspects and challenges of my new role. She helped me focus on the tangible impacts that my new role has within our organization. It would be my pleasure to recommend Dean to others who would benefit from her leadership and coaching style.

Director - Sodium Chlorate Manufacturing Company

Dean Burgess gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach and mentor. Her unique ability to recognize, understand, and explain complex business relationships has revolutionized my thinking, and most importantly, my actions.

Chief Information Officer - Mattamy Homes

Dean’s coaching skills helped me step back from a rather entrenched view of management that was creating friction at this new level, and adopt a more holistic view of senior management and its role in an organization.

Chief Information Officer - Fleming College

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Dean is recognized by her clients as an exemplary change agent with an insightful orientation to what it takes to dismantle the pieces, navigate perceived obstacles, and rebuild to create something better. So, if you’re ready to shake things up and to tackle the goals you’ve been putting off for too long, it’s time to contact Dean: