Business Advisory

Helping you to tackle your tough challenges head-on

Being your second set of eyes and mind with the best advice on complex challenges, relating to strategy, people, process, structure or operational issues.

Following many years of experience leading global teams through major change initiatives, be it mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, or simply organic growth, Dean has walked in the shoes of transformation.

Most major change efforts often overlook the people and organizational structure changes required to support the change. Dean helps her clients align their vision and strategic initiatives with the structure, people, and process required to realize that vision.

Specifically, you can call on Dean to:

  • Employ Organizational Strategy-Design-Optimization
  • Help organizations define strategy, including identifying objectives and articulating vision, mission, and values
  • Ensure that organizational structure & roles most effectively support strategy
  • Define and clarify role profiles, including accountabilities & authorities within & across functions
Dean Burgess, executive coach and facilitator

So, whether you’re having trouble with your brand, are looking to build more concrete relationships with your partners and associates, or need help preparing for an upcoming presentation, Dean can provide you with the external consultative mentorship you need.

What Dean Brings To The Table

As a passionate advocator for enhancing and shifting the conversations within teams, relationships, and individuals, Dean has truly “walked in those shoes”. Incorporating humour and wisdom in all that she does, Dean encapsulates her experience, learning, and coach’s training with a genuine commitment to supporting others to rise to their full potential.

To get started, contact Dean today!