Meet Dean

A Bird’s Eye View

If you are reading these words, then you’ve found me—and I am thrilled to share my story. My role today is an Executive Coach, Business Advisor and Workshop Facilitator

Why I Do What I Do

I am deeply passionate about facilitating positive change in individuals, teams, and organizations!

I am fully committed to people seeing the correlation between how they relate and interact in their relationships, with the impact they are having. Helping them consciously choose, and own, the impact they want to have.

What Do I Do

I coach and facilitate senior leaders and teams to see, and understand, what is contributing to the success or “dysfunction” within themselves, and by extension, within their teams. I call attention to, and explore with them, how their intellectual and emotional interactions support, or diminish their effectiveness.

I teach my clients to have their emotions and not let their emotions have them, enabling exceptionally strong leaders that effectively balance head, heart, and gut. To support my work I use a number of tools, methodologies, and assessments, which you can see by visiting my Credentials page.

It is my passion for transparent communication, extraordinary relationships, and the power of shifting the conversations that fuel my impact as a spirited and engaging coach.

Dean Burgess

Meet Dean Burgess, executive coach and facilitator

The Road to Here – Learning Along the Way

I am a life-long learner, who from a very early age could not stop asking questions. Curiosity was as natural for me as breathing, sometimes to the annoyance of my teachers, older siblings, and parents. Fueled by a conviction that anything IS possible, I married my sense of curiosity with a level of determination that allowed me to create a spectacular career and home life.

My professional career started when I took a brave and courageous step in an interview by challenging a belief of the person interviewing me. He believed I needed experience to do the job, fresh out of high school I believed the only way I would get said experience was if he hired me. I got that job, and I learned to create options that are seemingly out of reach, you sometimes need to challenge a perspective respectfully.

Meet Dean Burgess, executive coach and facilitator

The first chapter of my career was as the Office Administrator for a retail computer franchised chain; this was also the shortest chapter. I was passionate and motivated more by the opportunity to serve customers, resolve their complex computer issues, and transform problems into solutions than I was with administrative tasks.

What followed was a 25-year career in technology roles, starting from desk side support to the top of my field as Chief Information Officer. I learned when passion is linked with motivation we are unstoppable, staying alert to opportunities for something better enables transformation.

My decision to leave my corporate role in 2013 was peppered with feelings of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD factor) yet the more powerful feeling was a passion for serving in a different capacity.  It was more than a nudge I felt to make the change; it was a sense of knowing that my life experience combined with my work experience and my professional training put me in a perfect position to help others. To help others see their blind spots, to feel the FUD and make the changes they want to live a more fulfilled life.

What I liked most about my time in technology roles was the transformative parts, facilitating the growth of individuals and teams as a natural outcome of leading major change initiatives. I learned change can ignite lots of emotions—some comfortable, others confronting. Facing and embracing each one opens the door to possibility and unknown wonders of opportunity.

Please have a look around the site and drop me a note when you see something you would like to experience! 

Philanthropy & Volunteer Work

Dean Burgess has served as a Board Member of the CIO Association of Canada, Family Services York Region and on the Research and Ethics Board for Southlake Regional Health Centre. She regularly volunteers as an assistant for the Coaches Training Institute and Lucid Living.

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As with any new relationship, it’s vital to feel a genuine connection. That’s why Dean invites every potential client to an in-person, virtual, or over-the-phone meeting before coaching begins. She is also a strong advocate for networking and connecting people.

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