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We encapsulate our experience, learning, and coach’s training with a genuine commitment to supporting others to rise to their full potential

Are you looking for unique tools that will help you and your team to connect, improve internal communication, or to prepare for change? Are you looking to learn more about the various ways you can feel more fulfilled and successful in your current position?

We custom designs and facilitate sessions structured to engage participants through experiential learning, tuning the participants’ relationship with perspectives and curiosity to create transformative outcomes.

Using natural curiosity, intuition, and meticulous powers of observation, we guide workshop participants to expanded awareness and their own resourcefulness. Inspiring clients to see and work from “what is” facilitates intentional shifts to what is possible.

Available Workshops

Learn more about Dean’s Team Facilitation Workshops below:

Leadership Culture & Values, a One-day workshop with half-day follow-up session

Leadership Culture & Values

One-day workshop with half-day follow-up session

  • A team culture assessment and a series of facilitated exercises, to establish present views on culture and values. With a common understanding of current perspectives, we will support the team in creating their vision of the optimal future state of a high-performance leadership team.
Crucial / Difficult Conversations, a One-day or half-day workshop

Crucial / Difficult Conversations

One-day or half-day workshop

  • Built for you workshops: designed specifically to address pain points within a team or across teams.
  • Topics include communications, alignment, and customer relations.
Effective Intelligence, a one day workshop

Effective Intelligence

One-day workshop 

  • Effective Intelligence shows you the types of thinking to which you and others are biased, allowing you to better understand each other and communicate more effectively. With these skills and knowledge, individuals, teams, and organizations work faster and smarter.
  • Learn the motivation and intention behind individual thinking –
  • Gain valuable insights into yourself and your team.
  • Improve performance through the use of a proven thinking model.
Sustainable Behaviour Change, a One-day or half-day workshop

Sustainable Behaviour Change

One-day or half-day workshop

  • Using a proven model developed by an Associate Director and a Professor at Harvard, this facilitation session will get to the root of how and why “some things never change” within individuals and teams, clearing the path to sustainable change.

Assessment Tools for Team

Dean is a Certified Practitioner & Facilitator of:

  • The Leadership Circle Profile (360)
  • The Leadership Culture Survey
  • Leadership Effective Analysis (LEA 360)
  • Effective Intelligence – Thinking Intention Profile
  • Effective Intelligence Workshop
  • Facilitator Immunity to Change Workshop

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Leaders must either invest a reasonable amount of time attending to fears and feelings, or squander an unreasonable amount of time trying to manage ineffective and unproductive behaviour.

Brené Brown - Dare to Lead

Don’t resist feedback from others. We often don’t know what we don’t know. We all have blind spots; we all unconsciously behave in undignified ways. We need to overcome our self-protective instincts and accept constructive criticism. Feedback gives us an opportunity to grow.

Donna Hicks, Ph.D. - Dignity